Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week in Review - Sept 2-5

The students in Room 222 returned from their long weekend ready to learn. 
It was a week filled with firsts.

It was the first time we measured our Read Alouds Chart. We read 29 books in August!

It was the first time we enjoyed our Reading Zone. The Reading Zone looks and feels very different from Read-to-Self. 

We talked about our Daily 5 and worked in our first 2 Dailies: Read-to-Self and Word Work.
(much more coming on this topic)

SS working hard at our rainbow roll activity. 
We had a big week in Math too!
We discussed our addition and subtraction mascots, Gus and Linus. Then the students were challenged to create a Gus and Linus that showed us what they were all about. Here are our two official Room 222 mascots.

This year's motto in math: Prove it!
The students used one of our favorite apps ScreenChomp to prove their knowledge of 10 frames. When finished, they emailed me their presentations. 

ED and KG preplanned their presentation before beginning. 
Here is an excellent "prove it" video from P.E. and L.S.

We also work a great deal on "noticing" in Room 222. Our teams worked on noticing items and concepts using number models. 

Last but not least, we let our brains wonder about a new topic on Friday. The topic was Rabbit Island and here are our questions:

We watched two videos that showed us a glimpse of Rabbit Island. We had many of our questions answered. It was really fun to let our mind ponder something new. 

I am looking forward to another great week!

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