Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tech Boot Camp: Week 1 - Digital Safety and Citizenship

I love traveling. I love going to the zoo, mountains and ocean. 
Sometimes I travel in the car and sometimes I can travel without leaving my chair!

This has been the topic of conversation in 1st grade this week. McDole 1st Graders are learning how to be safe and productive digital citizens. 

We have learned some powerful new vocabulary.

We used these vocabulary words when talking about going on virtual field trips. Anytime we enter the world of the internet, we are on a virtual field trip. We used 3 new safety rules when traveling on the web.
1. Always ask a parent or teacher before reviewing a website.
2. Visit websites that are kid appropriate.
3. Only chat with people we know.

Our first virtual field trip lead us to the San Diego Zoo! Check it out here!

Today we talked about password safety and internet interaction. We used BrainPop Jr. to help guide our discussion.

Finally we went over some scenarios that we could encounter and the students shared how they felt.
We used stoplight colors to help: Green = Great Choice, Yellow = I need to chat with a grown-up to make sure, Red = Not ok for me, tell an adult 

If we had conflicting colors, we talked about it. The arguments for the conflicting colors were very well thought out and made sense. I am so proud of these great thinkers!

Here are two example scenarios:

Scenario A: My teacher gave me a website for research

Scenario B: Someone I don't know tried to chat with me online.

We will continue talking about our Room 222 Digital Expectations for the rest of the week and reinforce these ideas all year. 

The focus will be on our "no name with a face" rule and kind words with appropriate comments. 

We are becoming digital rock stars!

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