Tuesday, December 18, 2012

J.S.G's Tech Corner - ipad Demo

Welcome to a new series, J.S.G's Tech Corner.

Today J. is going to demo one of the new McDole ipads. These devices were purchased with students in mind. They will soon be bursting with apps that enrich our academic day. 

I added a password to this video so that it is not viewable on the site I used to convert the video. The password is: school

Here are J.'s thoughts:

JSG's IPad Review from Whimsical Perspective on Vimeo.

After J. finished filming and the not-so-tech-savvy teacher finally figured out how to load it to the computer, we showed it to the class.

Look forward to hearing more about these new devises after Winter Break. Our class will start using them frequently.

In addition, I have extended the invitation to all of the students to participate in our class blog. I asked them to think of their strengths and how to use them to help inform others of academic happenings within our school day. I encouraged them to think outside the box. Anything could be possible. Please discuss this with your child and let me know if any ideas come out of your discussions.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Season of Giving

Has your child talked about the gifts under our (sad, sad) classroom tree?

They sure are talking about them here!

Underneath our (sad, sad) classroom tree are 23 wrapped packages. Can you guess what is in them?

That is right! Books!

Each day a couple of students get to pick a package to open for our classroom library. If you would like to donate a new, wrapped book to our classroom library, please send it in with your child. We will place it under the tree.
If you are wondering if there is anything else our class is in need of, check out our new "Wish List" section at the top of the blog.

Also, look for an important Holiday announcement to come home today.