Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week in Review

This week's post is going to focus on one fabulous learning experience. 

We are working our way through and exploring our new science standards. We started a new lesson on Tuesday by reading a passage with our buddy and jotting down notes containing interesting facts, new learning, and wonders. Room 200 is currently studying the relationship between plants and animals. 

We then talked about coding and categorizing our thinking. It was great to see our thoughts grow!

We worked so well with our partners and really kept our focus! Check it out!

On Wednesday, we continued our investigation by watching and viewing several videos and photographs. We took extensive notes on our noticings and questions. This information was really helpful when we moved on to our final stage. 

When our notes were finished, we took a few minutes to illustrate our new learning. 

On Thursday, the students were given the task of creating a model of a pollinator which we called the hand-pollinator. We started by breaking up into self-selected groups and exploring our buckets of supplies. Then each student in the group worked on a plan to present to the other groups members. When a final plan was chosen, the students began putting their plans into action. 

On Friday, we presented our hand pollinator models and shared our findings. Check out this (mildly lengthy) video of our presentations. This video is password protected because it shows names with faces. This will be a Room 200 video only. :)

We are becoming quite the scientific thinkers! We will continue our amazing science skills with Mrs. Olsen this week.

Thanks for checking in. Feel free to leave us a comment. 

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