Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week in Review

Have you ever wondered why our moon looks different at different times of the month?
One night you could see a big and bold moon and other nights you could see just a sliver.

Room 222 learned about the phases of the moon and even made our own models. 

We needed 3 objects: the earth, moon and sun. We used balls from P.E. class for our earth and moon. We used flashlights for the sun. The students worked to find dark places to create their models. They found that if they flip over a table, they get just the right darkness needed for a good photograph. 

They used these photographs in their informational moon movies. Those will be posted later this week.

The students also started researching self-chosen topics this week. We used two of our favorite websites to find information on topics ranging from Babe Ruth to Tornados to Golden Retrievers. and are our must-have sites for research. 

As the students researched, they took notes on their note-keeping sheet. It was very impressive to see how hard they worked this week and how seriously they took their research.

We will now use these notes to write an informational paper that we will publish and celebrate!

Last but certainly not least, we had a room full of guest readers this week! 

We LOVE a good story!

Thanks for checking in!