Thursday, September 18, 2014

Guest Post: Room 222's Writing Club

*teacher note: graphics, commercial and photos were created and taken independently by A.J. and S.S. Writing Club idea was fully developed and implemented by our bloggers as well. 
Guest Bloggers: A. J. and S. S. 

Welcome to Writing Club.
It all started when we talked about it at lunch. 
We talked to the teacher about the club and asked if we could do one and she said yes. 

To tell people about our club, we made poster...

and a movie!

We also made up some rules and we picked a day to hold our first club meeting.

We talked to the class about it and they agreed. 

We had our 1st meeting  on September 17th during recess. 

Photo Credit A. J. 

Photo Credit A. J. 

Photo Credit A. J. 

Photo Credit A. J. 
It was very fun and 6 people joined us!

Here is a sneak peek at Writing Club. 

Our next meeting is October 17th! We hope even more people will come. 


  1. What a great idea for a club. Great job kids!

  2. Fantastic club! Good job students on all the hard work. Keep it up!