Sunday, September 14, 2014

Powerful Week in Review

Powerful was the "Word of the Week" this week in room 222. 

We started with conversations about story characters and what makes each of them powerful. 

Our first powerful character this week was a little creature named, Something Else. 

Then we talked about the little cloud that could, Cloudette. 

Teaching Illustration done by BW and CG
Then we talked about ourselves as powerful characters during our digital citizenship discussions.

First we talked about using our powers for good. We drew a picture of our best friend and practiced giving them a compliment. 

Then we demonstrated using our super powers for evil and we became villains. We said something mean to our best friend and crumpled up the paper face when doing so. 

Then we apologized and tried to make our friend happy again by  smoothing out his/her face. We notice that we could never undo the mean words that we said. Our best friend was never the same again. 

We also practiced our three rules of digital safety:
1. Never talk with someone you don't know. 
2. Only visit kid appropriate sites.
3. Always ask a grown-up before visiting the internet. 

The students kindly asked me if they could visit the San Diego Zoo website together. So we took a trip to the computer lab and worked with Miss Woodruff on all of the cool components of this website. 

See our first post on Digital Citizenship/Safety here.

Last but certainly not least... we created our own guidelines for commenting on the work of others. We used a great website called Comments 4 Kids as a guide to create our own video to share with other learners. 

Once the group decided on our 4 steps, we began storyboarding as a class. The students decided if they wanted to be actors, directors, film crew or producers. As soon as the jobs were chosen, we split into different groups to plan each segment of the movie. Finally, we came together and began filming. 

And now presenting... How to Comment, Room 222 Style:

Directors (started and stopped filming, approved it for final video):
P.E., C.L., L.S., S.S., T.R.

Film Crew (Managed the iPad, focused and zoomed in, worked closely with the directors):
J.D., J.E., J.S.,  M.W.B., B.Wells.

Actors (created their own lines, delivered the message):
C.G., K.G., C.S., A.H., C.L, M.S., B.Welch, A.C., E.D., K.K., A. J., V.M., K.A.

Producers (Produced the final product, independently in iMovie, designed and added graphics, chose music and edited length of the feature film):
E.F. and C.W.

Now that you are an expert at leaving a good comment, please try leaving a comment on this blog post. See if the Room 222 experts can assist you. 

We have another big week coming up! International Dot Day, 1st Grade Tech Boot Camp, Reading Groups, Personal Narrative Writing!!! Will the fun ever end?!?


  1. What a week! Glad to see so much fun going on! Love the idea of mean words never go away…I do this with toothpaste for my high school students!!

  2. First grade looks like so much fun! Can I go back to first grade? Your movie was very helpful and well done!!

  3. That is a fantastic and fun week at school! Way to make education fun! Blake is excited for National Dot Day!