Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week in Review

We had a wonderful 1st full week in Room 200. 

We started our week with a wonderful story about being kind and the way kindness can change the world. 

Just like in the book, the students came to the table and grabbed a stone. As they put the stone in the water, they told us something kind that they had done recently. We watched the ripples of kindness spread through the bowl, just as they spread through the world. 

We also participated in our first Week of Wonder! Check out our blog post on it here.

We spent some time discussing personal narratives and practicing in our new journals. In our journals, our main focus is the content of our narrative. However, we are still keeping an eye on our word wall words, capitals and punctuation marks. 

We spent a lot of time building our reading stamina. We have made it to 14 consecutive minutes with all of us staying focused on our books. I tried my hardest to distract them on Friday but was unable to tear them away from their books. I tried throwing tissues, ringing a bell, jumping up and down loudly and slamming the door. Their eyes were still glued on their books. I even got super close and took pictures of them reading. They were totally unphased. 

Check out this quick video of their amazing stamina. 

We also spent the week talking about digital citizenship. 
We started with our safety rules.

One of the highlights of our Digital Citizenship Boot Camp was The Stoplight Activity.

The students had 3 colors to show me their thoughts on the scenario that I gave them. 
Green = Go! This is safe and I am making a good choice.
Yellow = I'm not so sure. I'd better ask.
Red = This doesn't feel safe, appropriate or right. I need to tell an adult. 

Here are some sample scenarios:
  • My teacher gave me a great website about sharks to visit. (G)
  • This site is great but it has some unusual ads. (Y)
  • Someone I don't know just tried to chat with me! (R)
  • I found a new website and I don't really understand it. (Y)
  • My mom and I are researching new plants for my garden. We found a website together. (G)
  • Mrs. Bright e-mailed a link to my mom. (G)
  • I'm at a friends house and he wants to visit a site that I'm not allowed to go on. (R)
  • I found a site that is not kid friendly. (R)

Of course, we made some time for a few guest readers. 

Finally, we also continued talking about our new math vocabulary.

I hope your enjoyed our weekly recap! I can't wait for Week 2!

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