Friday, August 28, 2015

1st Observation

*This blog post was written as a collaborative activity with all of Room 200. We hope you like it. 

This week was our first "Wonder" activity. Mrs. Bright brought in something mysterious to wonder about. 

We started with a scientific sketch in our notebooks. Then we added our wonders and noticings. Here are some of them:

We Wonder...
  • What happens when it dies. 
  • if there are eggs inside.
  • what it is.
  • why it has no smell.
  • where it came from.
  • why it is in a flower.
  • why when we smelled it hurt our nose. 
  • what are we going to do with it.
  • If the black things are seeds for the spider flower.
  • why it is hard. 

We Noticed...
  • it is some sort of flower.
  • it doesn't smell like anything.
  • it feels crumpily.
  • it look like a flower.
  • it is brown.
  • there is something inside of it. 
  • that it looks dry. 
We observed this picture:

We watched this video

From the video, we gathered new learning.

New Learning:

  • We learned that they are Daylilies. 
  • They are called Daylilies because they die in one day. 
  • They come in lots of colors.
  • They are beautiful. 
  • There are 20 flowers per clump.
  • They are planted from littler plants. 
  • They are really colorful and very unique. 

So, since we had a wonderful amount of Daylily seeds, we decided that it would be a good idea to plant them. 

Here is how we did it:

1. First, we harvested our seeds and learned what they were.

2. Next, we labeled our bags with "daylilies", our names and date.

3. Then, we put the paper towels in our bags.

4. Next, we put the seeds in the bag with the cut up paper towels.

We watched the video to make sure we were following the proper directions. 

5. Then, we poured our water mixture into the bag. We didn't want to spill and the directions said, "no puddles". So we were very careful. 

6. Finally, we taped the bags to the window so they could get enough light. 

We had so much fun! We think you should do it too!

*Dear Parents and Visitors,
We would love a kind and helpful comment from you. We celebrate each one we receive. 


  1. Hi Room 200 friends! I learned so much from your post about daylilies. Do you know if the seeds you planted will all be the same color? I can't wait to see them.

    1. We are not sure... It's a mystery. :)

    2. Please post more when you find out! I love mysteries. :)

  2. That looks like a very fun project! How long will it take the seeds to become beautiful flowers?

    1. They should start sprouting any day now. We will keep you updated.

  3. This is a great activity. We have many colors of daylilies in our yard. I wish the flowers lasted longer.

  4. What a great activity. We have many colors of daylilies in our yard. I wish the flowers lasted longer, but even the foliage is nice.

  5. Room 200, how are your "wonder" day lilies growing?! Have they started sprouting yet?!? We can't wait to see pictures when they do.

  6. One of our bags of seeds has a seed with a sprout. JG is keeping us informed and we will take a picture when it gets a little bigger.