Sunday, August 23, 2015

The First 3 Days

The first 3 days have come and gone. Oh, how wonderful they were. 

We started our year on the right foot by all entering the building together as a class...or family.

We entered the room, greeted each other warmly and read a wonderful book. 

Then the students were dying to find their new seats and tablemates. Well, it would have been fine to have them go find their name tags and sit down. However, it is so much more fun to give them each a puzzle piece and find the pieces that they belong with. It was a great team-building experience and we had a lot of fun!

The students also participated in a STEM/creativity project. They were each given 3-4 pipe cleaners and a few sheets of aluminum foil and given the direction to... create! 

They worked thoughtfully on them for a great deal of time. It was fun to see how their creative brains work, an excellent way to get to know them. The projects will be used for a future blog post. 

We also made some time for good amount of reading!

Room 200 Fun Fact - We write down the title of every read aloud experience we have as a class. In the first 3 days, we heard 7 amazing books!

It was nice to hear from a guest reader too!

We also started working collaboratively on our Declaration of Awesomeness. More to come on that very soon!

Our first 3 days were so packed with fun and learning that it is almost too much to list! 
However, Here is a quick final rundown of our first moments together:

We played some new math games. 

We wrote on our Graffiti Wall about our 1st day book.

We explored the room.

We made our room feel like home. 

Enjoy this glimpse into our first 3 days:


  1. Hello KBK 200! What did you create with the aluminum foil and pipe cleaners. We think that looks awesome! We look forward to hearing more about that. We are also keeping track of the books we read aloud. What other books did you read? Good bye. From KME224

  2. Wow! You all did a fantastic job teaching others about day lilies! I am now going to gather my own seeds and have them ready for spring of next year. You all did a great job sharing!