Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Out and About at NIU's Stemfest

*Posts was written by students and typed by Mrs. Bright

Two Saturdays ago, 6 students from Room 222 traveled to NIU's Stemfest and it was filled with science stuff. 
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

When we walked through the door at the NIU Convocation Center, we said, "This is so cool"!

There was a lot of stuff to do there. There was so much to see, we ran out of time to see everything.

J.P. is observing a lions skull.

Here is a journey through our Stemfest experience:

J.P is demonstraiting blowing on the orange balls and the balls moved around. 

We had fun with our families and M.O. even got a plant.

This is like a big bike. We think this is call an ATV or tiny Dune Buggy. 

Many families came together and traveled through the stations.

We even got to play with Legos in the water! Sometimes big brothers can be very helpful.

Some of us got to build with magnet blocks. We also got to play with Legos.

There were some big kids that built a whole city with Legos. P.D. got to use a Lego robot to drive over large bumps.

This is a ball. If you pull it, it gets smaller. When you let go, it gets bigger. This was A.E.'s favorite part.

At one station there was a stick with a button and when you pushed the button the static would make tin foil float.

There was even a bubble DJ that played music and blew  bubbles.

It was a fun outing with families and Mrs. Bright.

And that was the end of Stemfest. We can't wait until next year!

Any Questions?

This blog post was written by the students from Room 222 who attended NIU's Stemfest. They joined our Lunch Blogging Club.


  1. Sad we had to miss it...hopefully next year we will be able to make it! Looks like so much fun learning going on there! Thank you Mrs. Bright for encouraging the kids to learn outside the classroom:)

  2. Great blog post! We all had a great time at STEMfest!!

  3. What a great day of learning, Room 222! I enjoyed seeing some of you out and about that day. Even teachers learned. :)

  4. It looks like the kids had a blast! Thank you for letting us know about this fun and educational event! We will definitely be trying to come each year :)

  5. I'm so sorry we had to miss that day. Looks like everyone had a good time experimenting and learning about the fun of science and technology. Keep it up, first graders!

  6. Hi Lunch Blogging Club,
    Stemfest looks so interesting! What did the lion's skull feel like? Is that a lions fur next to it in the picture?
    I can't wait to show my students the picture of the ATV. The books about ATVs in our Library Media Center are so popular that they come home with someone every week. Some of us have quads that we drive around at home. Have you ever ridden an ATV or a dune buggy?
    Mrs. Andrada