Thursday, October 3, 2013

Meet Room 222 - Our Global Read Aloud Project

Welcome to our new friends from all over the United States of America and Canada! We are so excited to connect with you. 

In preparation for our introduction, we have traveled around our building and taken pictures of all of the wonderful things that make McDole Elementary a great place to be. 

Here are some of the highlights that you might see:
1. Library
2. Computers
3. iPads
4. Buddies
5. Playground
6.The Prairie
7. Our Fun Run
8. Our Reading Lounge
9. Our Gym
10. Even our Principal!

  Did you see them all?

To help you learn a bit more about us, we have come up with a few Top 5 lists. These Top 5 lists will tell you all about the things we are loving right now. 

Top 5... In Room 222
1. We can listen to stories on the computer and in our listening center.
2. We have pillows, bean bags, chairs and carpets for cozy reading.
3. We do Rocket Math to help us learn addition and subtraction. It is fun.
4. We have our own blogs on KidBlog and we can comment on each other's blog.
5. Sometimes we have indoor recess when the weather is bad. We play giant checkers, marble tracks and puzzles.

Top 5... in McDole Elementary
1. We have iPads and we use them for learning.
2. We are studying solids and liquid in science.
3. Our playground is fun. We have monkey bars, swings, slides, basketball hoops and a field.
4. We go to 5 Specials. We have P.E., Music, Computers, Art and Literacy.
5. Twice a month, we get FUN LUNCH! We don't have to bring our lunches and we get yummy food like pizza!

Top 5... Learning Topics
1. We will be working more with iPads in our classroom.
2. We switch 1st grade teachers for Math
3. We wrote paper blogs and our 4th grade friends commented on them.
4. We work in the Dailies during our reading time.
5. We play a game called Stuck in the Mud during P.E.. We get exercise, have fun and learn good teamwork strategies. We are also learning to run, skip, gallop and slide.

We can't wait to share more about ourselves, our blogs and our Global Read Aloud.


  1. How exciting! When I was in college (many many years ago) and the internet as we know it was very new, we were able to "visit" other students who were learning to be teachers, too. We worked with students from Japan, England and Kenya! It exciting to learn how other schools are different but I think you all will be surprised how much you have in common. Enjoy!

  2. Your video captures many great parts of our wonderful school! I really like the picture of the reading lounge. You are so lucky to meet and connect with friends from far away places. It will be interesting to see if their thinking about books is the same as your thinking about books . . . Keep reading, 1st grade friends!

  3. The park picture reminded us of playing in our park. Our park has a slide, monkey bars and swings. We wonder if you slide down on the slide in your park. Your park is beautiful.

  4. Hello, Mrs. Bright's Class!
    We loved watching the Animoto video about your school. We have a lot of the same things at our school in Vermont, but we all wish we had a nice large gym like yours! We have a space that is used for assemblies, lunch, and P.E.! We think your gym looks really nice.

    We do dailies every day too! What is your classes' favorite Daily 5 station? Ours seems to be Word Work this year, so far.

    Aren't iPads great? We love ours, but we haven't tried the Rocket Math app. We'll have to do that soon. We all like Sum Stackers and Math BINGO.

    We are having a fun run at our school next weekend, so it was fun to see pictures from yours!

    Have a great week!

    Mrs. Sorenson's 1st Grade Class
    Colchester, VT