Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Marty McGuire - The Character

We are discussing the character traits of Marty McGuire today.

Here are our thoughts:

Outside Traits:
Marty has reddish-brown hair. 
Marty has short hair.
Marty wears jeans (and emergency pants).
Marty is skinny.
Marty is a girl.

Inside Traits:
Marty dislikes school.
Marty doesn't like princesses. 
Marty likes frogs.
Marty enjoys researching animals.
Marty feels sad sometimes.
Marty has no friends.

Here is our evidence:
Marty McGuire is... because...

Marty McGuire is like Jane Goodall because she likes to study animals too.

Marty McGuire is a trouble maker because she calls people names (in her mind).

Marty McGuire is stubborn because she told her teacher she doesn't want to be a princess.

What are your thoughts on Marty?

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