Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week in Review September 23-27

Another wonderful week under our belt. We are moving into the "meat and potatoes" of 1st grade now. Our academics are getting more in-depth and more exciting.

Here is what we worked on this week:

Paper Blogging: A Mrs. Olsen Inspired Idea 
Our kids are getting ready to begin our own blogs. To get going we need to set expectations in place. This involves discussing purpose, content and comments. Mrs. Olsen, a 4th grade teacher and friend, mentioned that her kiddos were starting with paper blogs. I thought that was a great way to kick it off. Our 1st graders are loving it. More about this at the end of this week.

Solids and Liquids:
Our science unit for this quarter is Solids and Liquids. We will be exploring the properties and identifying the differences between them. When using Solids, we used our new app Sonicpics. Can't wait to share these tomorrow. I am hoping to try iMovie with Liquids.

Guest Teacher - Mrs. Schieber 2nd Grade:
Mrs. Schieber and I traded strengths on Friday.  She is a wonderful writing teacher and kindly offered to teach a lesson on Bold Beginnings to my class. I had the pleasure of teaching a lesson to her math class. Mrs. Schieber talked to our students about using a setting sentence to start their stories.

The kids buddied up and identified the Bold Beginning in the Mentor Texts that Mrs. Schieber brought to us. Each one of these authors started their stories with the setting in the opening sentence. 

The kids were able to identify these settings.

We are in the very beginning stages of blogging using KidBlog. We are learning how to sign in, leave a comment, post on our individual blogs and add photos. This week we will talk about our expectations and get going. I have some very exciting plans ahead. I can't wait to see where the kids take us.

Stay tuned for more on blogging soon. :)


  1. Your weekly updates are so fun to read! Bet Mrs. Schieber loved working with 1st graders for the day, and I'm sure they enjoyed her as well. She's a great teacher!

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  4. Hi First-grade Friends! It's Mrs. Mance from room 211. I am impressed to hear that you are getting ready to start your blogs. Paper blogging sounds like a great way to begin before you take your ideas to ipads. Keep reading and keep thinking!

  5. I really enjoy each an every one of your post!! Thanks, for the updates.

  6. What a super fun week!!!! I can't wait to see the blogs :)

  7. It is very interesting to use apps with science.

  8. It is very interesting to use apps with science.