Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Week in Review Sept 16-20

Another wonderful week under our belt.  
Here is a glimpse at all we accomplished:

Dot Day! 
See our full post on International Dot Day here.

Wonder Walk in Mrs. Olsen's Room:
One of our favorite 4th grade teachers, Mrs. Olsen, allowed us to come into her room and take a "wonder walk" through her museum of prairie animals. She borrowed these from The Field Museum in Chicago. We are so lucky to have had this opportunity. Thanks Mrs. Olsen! 

Blog Comments:
We also started talking about the fine art of commenting on a blog. Comments on a blog are essential to the learning aspect of these amazing tools. We put our information out there so that people can learn from us. We want to hear what others think of our learning. It is important that we do the same for others. We used this site to help us learn what good and valuable commenting is. This is going to be a process for us and something we will be working on all year. Stay tuned for more.

Business Meeting:
We held our weekly business meeting in the hallway to discuss our Random 5 data. Each week the kids will be quizzed on a random 5 words from our 1st grade focus words. We noticed that our overall score went down from last week so we talked about it. We decided that some of the words were trickier this week and we haven't been practicing them as long as some of the others. We did have a celebration. This week, every student got at least one word right! Our dot graph is on the upswing.

New App:
We also learned a new app called SonicPics. This is a great app that is useful in any subject, similar to ScreenChomp. We tried it for the first time on Friday to gather our thoughts about Solids. We will continue becoming more comfortable with it before we share our creations.

A Special Story:
We also had a guest reader!  We learned all about a new book and we were excited that a friend shared her favorite book with us.

Last but not least... Fun Run. See our full post on the Fun Run here.

Thank you so much for your comments. We were so jazzed on Friday when we realized our Dot Day post received 7 comments. Keep them coming!


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  2. I love seeing and reading about all the learning going on in room 222 makes me want to go back to 1 st grade:)

  3. What a fun week.......keep up the great work!

  4. Look at them go on the iPads! Such a hard working team!

  5. It looks like Room 222 had a great week :) Lots of smiling and learning!

  6. Looks like the kids are having fun and learning at the same time; such an exciting thing to see!