Sunday, September 8, 2013

App Highlight: Screenchomp

Welcome to the first of our App Highlights. Today, we will be featuring ScreenChomp.

The iPads are going to be a year long feature in our classroom. We have discussed as a class that iPads are an amazing learning tool, not a game system. These amazing tools will be used to showcase our higher level thinking.

We love ScreenChomp for several reasons. 
1. It allows us to share our thinking through recorded messages and illustrations.
2. It is extremely kid friendly.
3. It's Free!

ScreenChomp allows the students to draw and explain their thoughts. These recording are then sent to me so I can listen to them when I am able to. This is insanely valuable to me because it means I get to listen to the thoughts of all of my students instead of just visiting with 6 or 7 during any given lesson.

This is the look of the screen that the kids are using. It allows them to choose colors to enhance their presentation and record both during the illustration and once it is finished.

We have used this app for a few different purposes so far this year. Click on the names to hear a few examples of our ScreenChomp projects:

1. "Wonder Monday" - Cicadas

2. Prove it! - Show me your understanding of 10 Frames and the Plus and Minus signs.

The ScreenChomps are examples of their learning and understanding. Therefore, they are assessed as an assignment would be. I am currently using the following rubric to help:

Our class has been doing really well with our new app. They are helping each other and trying new things. 

We have had fun getting started with this app and will continue to "Chomp" all year long.

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