Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Big Day in First Grade

The 5th day of school turned out to be a BIG day for Room 222! 
We participated in two major learning lessons that will drive our entire year. 

The first is setting a good reading routine for our Read-to-Self times. Soon, our room will be able to read 20 minutes without getting distracted. However, that doesn't happen right away. First, we need to build up our reading stamina!
We started by finding a model reader and identifying what we know about great readers.
We created this poster as a class using one of our new favorite apps, Pic Collage. 

This amazing poster is now hanging proudly on the wall in Room 222. We will use it as our visual reminder of what it takes to be an amazing 1st grade reader. 

Almost all visuals in Room 222 are made as a collaborative group. For kids, by kids!

Next, it was time to practice. After we got into our cozy spaces, we set the timer. The room was quiet and filled with readers! We made it 4 minutes and 32 seconds on our first day! Trust me, that is amazing. 

Another big event in Room 222 was preparing ourselves for our classroom devices. To prepare ourselves for a productive year, we made this poster together as we discussed our expectations. 

Finally, we broke into collaborative partners  and tried our a new app, ScreenChomp!

Our blog will host a ScreenChomp showcase on Friday. Stay tuned...