Monday, June 2, 2014

Wrapping Up...

We only have a few days left but we are still hard at work. 
Here is a quick post about what we have been working on:

Opinion Writing: Which object is the best and why?

Mystery Number: Try and guess Mrs. Bright's Number!

A bit of outdoor play practice. We were working on projecting our voices. 

Traveling to the McDole Prairie. We looked for all kinds of insects. We were able to snap photos of pollinators and soil tillers!

We having been spending quality time with our friends.

The students have been learning more about insects and their jobs using Pebblego. 

Most importantly, we have continued our year long discussion about digital safety and digital citizenship. Miss Owen's Class (5th Grade at Blackberry) made an amazing video for primary students. We used it as our guide to lead our discussion.

Coming soon... our Fairy Tale videos and our 2013-2014 Top 10!

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  1. Just a few more days to go! Loved watching you all grow this year! Great job:)