Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dear PTO... Thank You!!!

Dear McDole PTO,

This amazing year is coming to a close and Room 222 wanted to make sure we thanked you for all you did for us this year. Thank you for the fun lunches, dances, flings, special teacher lunches and support. 

We also want to say a huge, "THANK YOU" for your generosity towards our classroom. With your donation towards books, Room 222 was able to have a 2013-2014 First Reads Club.  

A First Reads Club is an exclusive club in which the members get to be the first kids to read a new book. The new books are all lined up for all to see and I do a quick book talk about each book. Then each student gets come up one at a time to pick their first read. Once they have read their book, they get to place a permanent label in the book so that all future Room 222 kiddos will know which former students previewed that book for them. We have many books in our current classroom library that were first reads for siblings of several of our current students. 

Here is a glimpse at our 2013-2014 First Reads Club sponsored by the McDole PTO:

Again, thank you for all you do for McDole. 

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  1. Dear Mrs. Bright's class,

    You are very welcome...thank you very much for showing us what wonderful books you were able to purchase and preview for all classes to come!

    Your families and teachers all deserve the thanks, for they contribute their money and time to make it all possible!!! Stand and cheer for your parents, Mrs. Bright, and Mrs. K!!!!!

    We appreciate you all sooooo much!!!!

    Enjoy those books!!

    Yvonne Smith
    PTO Treasurer (the lady that counts the money) and Nicole's mommy :)