Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Top 10

Please enjoy our Top 10 List as decided by the students in Room 222.

10. Read Aloud - Lulu and the Brontosaurus, My Father's Dragon, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane - Our read alouds took a new turn this year by connecting us with classrooms across the country via Kid Blog and Twitter. We also shared my favorite... Edward.

9. Insects - Sampson (the dead and then alive cicada), Butterflies, Insect Jobs - So many bugs, so little time.
Here are the answers to our insect jobs challenge:

8. iPad - KidBlog, ScreenChomp, Drawing Pad - Our favorite Apps. 

7. Field Day - Beautiful day in the sun with our buddies. 

6. Mo Willems - Elephant and Piggie books - We read them EVERYDAY. We read them to ourselves. We read them with buddies. We read them to the class. We even read them as a reader's theater. We are an Elephant and Piggie classroom. 

5. Fairy Tale Plays
Click here to see our videos. Don't forget our password. 

4. Inquiry Groups - *Teacher Favorite - The amount of knowledge gathering and smart conversations was impressive and amazing. During each inquiry session, I was blown away by the maturity, collaboration and chatter within the groups. I can't wait to try this again next year. 

3. Field Trip to the Shedd Aquarium - Best trip yet!

2. Skyping with Dr. Burkholder - First for us and love the interaction with a famous shark expert. 

1. Genius Hour - A first for me, the kids and McDole! I love that our class was able to become leaders in a new wave of education. This was my favorite part of the year too. 


  1. It must have been hard coming up with this Top 10 list! You all learned so much and had so much fun doing it :) What a great memorable year!

  2. What a super fun year!!!!! I have loved all the posts and learning along with all of you. Thank you for a great year!!

  3. What a great class! Loved all the blog updates. Awesome teacher and support staff. Wish everyone a fun, safe and memorable summer!