Monday, January 6, 2014

Staying Warm

It is super chilly in Illinois but Room 222 is staying warm and cozy at home.

Check us out!

Staying Indoors for Safety

 Getting Those Creating Juices Flowing

Mystery Baking

 Exercising to get the Blood Flowing

Snuggling with Family

 Snuggling with 4-Legged Family

 Getting Tech Savvy with New Devices

Getting a Tropical Feel at a Nearby Pool

Playing Chocolate Toss with Sisters
(Instructions: Toss the beanbag on the floor and correctly read all 4 words around the bean bag to win an M&M!)

Game time with the Family

 A Fancy Lunch with a Friend

 Making some Pancakes

Snuggling with a Warm Blanket

Staying Warm with a Good Book and a Blanket

Science, Science and more Science!
(My teacher heart grew 3 times its size today!)

Even Ron and I did a science experiment today!

I really enjoyed seeing what everyone was doing today! Stay tuned for another connection tomorrow! Let's keep the learning happening!

1 comment:

  1. I am happy to see everyone is enjoying their break! It will be bittersweet to have them go back tomorrow!