Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rocks - The Critical Thinking Project

This week, the students in Room 222 embarked on another critical thinking project.

This project started with the students bringing rocks for our Rock Museum. During our tour of the rock museum, our Collaborative Buddies took photos of the rocks that interested them.  They then took these photos and edited them using the crop feature to make them more informative for their presentation.

In addition, during the week, we were reading and sharing information using new texts about rocks and minerals. This allowed the students to identify "fancy science words" (new vocabulary words) that they were to use in their presentation.

Using their photos and their new words, they started loading the photos into our Sonic Pics presentation app and began planning their thoughts.

Once the thoughts were organized, the groups began practicing and recording. The movies were then fed through iMovie for our final edit.

Here are the final projects:

Lesson objectives:
1. Determine scientific specimens to share with your audience.
2. Share your knowledge using science vocabulary words.
3. Collaborate effectively with your buddy to create a project that is exciting and interesting for your audience.
4. Make sure your presentation is clear and easy to understand.

I am proud to say that these projects were 100% student developed, planned and produced. 

We hope you feel very informed on the subject of Rocks!

Bonus Learning from this project:
1. Students are becoming fluent in the the iMovie app. They are now able to add sound to enhance their presentations. They did a nice job choosing appropriate musical themes and the applause adds a nice touch.

2. The independence shown in this project was fun to watch. Much of the time I was able to be a fly on the wall and watch them plan and present.


  1. I absolutely love all the videos!!!! Good job kiddos!!!! Keep learning!

  2. Loved it! Great job everyone.

  3. The students are doing a great job with learning and sharing their knowledge. You are all very talented!