Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Week in Review: January 13th-17th

It is hard to believe we are already in the second half of our year. It seems to be flying by. 
The students in Room 222 continue to grow and change. They are becoming academic thinkers and social butterflies.

Here is what we have been up to:

Special Guest Reader: Thanks for reading to us GF!

Projects, Projects and more Projects!
I am so excited to share our latest collaborative projects with you! I have just a few groups finishing up. As soon as we are all done, we will share. 

Many of us start out on paper before me move to our blogs. It is a great way to plan out our thoughts.
See what we have been up to on our Kid Blogs!

Working as teams is essential in Room 222. I am thrilled to see how our students have grown as collaborators and teachers.

Last but not least... Writing:
We are working on adding feeling to our writing. How can we make our audience understand our feelings?

Bold Beginnings:
We have been analyzing the writing of some of our favorite authors to see how they begin their stories. We have found that many authors use dialog, a character's voice, time and/or setting. We have been trying some of these in our own writing.
Here is a great example of a character's voice bold beginning.

We are also working on making our characters come to life with movement. This is a great example of using motion lines to convey meaning. I can tell that these two characters are sure moving fast!

Stay tuned for our post on some new and exciting events that will be happening in Room 222. Thanks for checking in!

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