Monday, August 26, 2013

The Tale of Two Blogs

What do you do when one class blog isn't enough to help you communicate and share your learning?

You create a second one, of course!

Here is a breakdown of our two blogs:

The Class Blog:

This blog is to be used as a reference and for us to show off a bit. I will be sharing curricular posts and academic updates as the year goes on. The students will also be guest posting on this blog. Think of this blog as your newspaper.

There are two ways to follow our updates: 1. Follow us by email 2. Subscribe using Google Friend Connect

The top menu also has important info like our daily schedule. Use it as you see fit.

Our Kid Blog:

This is the welcome page that you will see when you visit this page:

You will click on the posts you are interested in learning more about.

This blog is designed to be a place where we create and educational timeline or portfolio. We can file our learning here and update our academic thoughts as the year goes on. This is our learning tool. Right now, the Kid Blog is just a class page. Soon, the kids will have their own Blogs to help chronicle their own learning.

Here is an example of our first "Monday Wonder Day" project:

There will be more on this at the end of the week. However, visit it throughout the week to see our learning grow.

In addition to the blogs, we are on Twitter. Please follow us on Twitter to stay connected as the day goes on. @mrsbrightmcdole (class page) @lbrightedu (professional page)

Please, Please, Please help make the learning of our students valid and meaningful. Stay connected with us.

With social media comes restrictions, guidelines and safety rules. I will be explicitly detailing our social media and internet safety rules and expectations in an upcoming blog. 

Anytime we do something new with one of our blogs, you will be fully informed. I hope this post is helpful as we move on. 

Have a great night!

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