Friday, August 23, 2013

First Few Days

Our first few days were filled with fun and excitement. Here is a glimpse at some of our highlights:

Mrs. K. helping students with the "Friend Finding" Activity:

Working with numbers as words - this pictures shows me understanding of the number 1 - part of our Today's Number Routine:

Reading our new books with new friends:

Our first day faces... Guess Who?!?

Exploring our math manipulatives:

photo taken by student photographer
photo taken by student photographer

It was a great first few days. Next week we will start the "meat and potatoes" of 1st grade. Look for many more curriculum posts starting next week. 

Please stay connected with us. Our class is on twitter and we will be telling you about our learning and asking you questions. 

Follow us at: @mrsbrightmcdole

Upcoming Posts: Behavior Chart, Reading "Our Way", "Prove it!"

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