Monday, September 5, 2016

Week in Review

We now have our first full week behind us and boy was it busy!  

One of our fun challenges this week was our daily Word Talk. During our Word Talk, we take a challenging word and dissect it. We discuss the meaning or multiple meanings, other relationships and what we see in the letters. Want to try it at home? Show your child this picture and try the word, September.

In Writer's Workshop, we focused on our jobs. We created a chart to help us know what all of us should be doing during our writing time. Our Writer's Workshop is comprised of a 10 minute mini-lesson, 30 minutes of writing time, and 10 minutes of share time. We had several friends sit on the "share chair" and share their stories. 

In Math, we talked about many different ways to show numbers. We are working on building our number sense and math vocabulary. We will continue to work on this in the coming week. Watch for this on our math homework this week. 

We continue to work on our Declaration of Awesome. The students worked in collaborative groups to decide how our classroom would run and our collective values. It is not quite finished yet but we will show you as soon as it is done. 

We also competed in an individual challenge where the students were given 1 piece of aluminum foil and 3 pipe cleaners. The students worked to "create something". They did a great job of being creative and having fun. We also scientifically wrote about our creation. I can't wait for the next challenge. 

We have also been talking a lot about characters, actions and feelings. We used a fabulous book called Each Kindness.

This book is about a new student who joins the class and her classmates are not kind and welcoming. 

The author talks about how our actions ripple out into the world like ripples in the water. The teacher in the story asked the students to share a kindness they had done and toss their pebble into the water. The main character was unable to share a kindness because of how she acted towards her new classmate. 

As a class, we talked about the kindness that we can send out into the world. We each shared a kindness and placed our pebbles in the water. 

Family Challenge Time!!!

In Room 200, we record all of our read aloud experiences. We participated in 20 read aloud experiences in our few days of August alone! Can your family guess how many read aloud experiences that we will have during our time together this year? Click here to record your guess!

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