Sunday, September 18, 2016

2 Weeks in Review!

We have had a WONDERFUL few weeks as Room 200. We have almost all of our 2nd grade routines in place and are ready to start getting busy with the exciting parts of the year. 

We have successfully completed our reading stamina goal of 15 minutes and are working towards a bonus goal of 20 minutes. The students were even able to fight my crazy distractions!

We also enjoyed National Read a Book day with Mrs. Reilley's 5th grade class. It was nice to share our books with them and to hear the books they brought to read to us. Bonus: We were able to enjoy this time in KBK's cozy reading lounge. 

In science, Room 200 began making scientific observations about things around us. We started with plants in our classroom garden. We drew scientific sketches, used descriptive words and made noticings. These notes were held in our Observation Notebooks. 

Staying safe is the name of the game in Room 200. We talk about our classroom rules and expectations but we also talk about our internet and device rules. 

The students could show me using our "stoplight" cards how they felt about certain scenarios they were given. 
Green = Good to go! Super Safe!
Yellow = I'm not super sure. I'd better ask.
Red = Not ok! I need to tell an adult. 

They did a great job! 
Photo Credit: C. P.

Photo Credit: C.P.

We practiced these new skills on the San Diego Zoo website.

In addition, we used our new device expectation knowledge to practice a new app, PicCollage. The collaborative teams worked hard to complete as many items on the classroom scavenger hunt as they could. 

Here is an example:

This past week, we also got a bit more settled into our Daily Reading centers that we call "The Dailies". 

We are working on fluency work while reading to a partner.

Also, comprehension skills while enjoying a story in our listening center.

In writing, we have been talking about interesting and descriptive words (or Buttery Words) to help make our writing more exciting. We read a wonderful story called Max's Words. It is filled with exciting words for us to use!
To help gather some of these words for future use, we collected them on a special Today's Meet page. You can see it here.

Dot Day!
Room 200 had a very successful Dot Day! I can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow. Here are some photos from the amazing, Mrs. Brown. 

Last but not least, here is a bit about some data you will be hearing from us weekly:

Room 200 in the Numbers

Each week, the students take 2 very quick quizzes to measure growth in math fact fluency and spelling the words on our current list of word wall words. Each week we have 2 goals for each assessment:
1. Collect as many correct answers we can as a class.
2. Score an "All Time Best" for ourselves!

Please notice that I didn't say "perfect score". This is all about personal and team growth. Knowing where we starts is powerful to help us find where we need to go. 

This week we made huge jumps in our Random 5 Word Wall assessment! We were practicing really hard all week!
We went down slightly in our Math Fluency team chart but we had two students absent to we felt that it was still very successful! 

Our Numbers:

Random 5 Word Wall:
Total words correct for the Class: 106
Number of Perfect Scores and All Time Bests: 22!

Math Fact Fluency:
Total problems correct for the Class: 187
Number of Perfect Scores and All Time Bests: 10

Thank you for checking in with us! Please leave us a comment below. We are excited to hear from you!


  1. Thanks for the newsy post! Looks like a lot of fun in your class over the last few weeks. Owen showed me how to click on all the links in your blog. The San Diego Zoo link was really cool! We got to see live Apes on the Ape cam!