Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week in Review

After a hectic and crazy November, Room 200 is ready for a productive and exciting December! We kicked off December with a week of fun and learning. 

This week, we continued to focus on plant and animals by discussing their habitats. We started with the polar, desert, and rainforest habitats. 
We spent time sketching, reading and discussing characteristics of the plants and animals and why they belonged in certain habitats.  

We even spent some time listening to sounds and trying to decide which habitat they were from. 

We also spent some time this week learning some fun new games. We started with Mystery Number and then tried a fun partner game in Fundations. 

Our Reading Groups did some major work this week while focusing on some new skills. 
This group is using Non-Fiction articles to practice a new skill called Drawing Through the Text. This skill helps you retell the important parts of a text. 

This group is taking reading fluency to a new level. They are not only practicing reading smoothly but they are learning to follow along and listen to their reading partners through a readers theater. We started with a fun Stormy Weather piece. 
Listen to it here:

Finally, this group did some major learning about fossils this week. They celebrated their learning by teaching the class how to make a fossil. This group made and tested our recipes to make sure we got it just right. 

Last but certainly not least, we had a very special visit from our Skype buddy, Mr. Berger.  He is a raptor expert (and 5th grade teacher at McDole) that we spoke to a few weeks ago about a Red Tailed Hawk that perched outside of our classroom. 

Mr. Berger has spent time rehabbing raptors and shared his stories, knowledge, and videos with us. It was great to see him in person!

This coming week will be filled with blogging, sharing our opinions, and math problem solving. 
We will also be participating in the Hour of Code this week. 

For Hour of Code info, check out these useful links:

Have a great week!


  1. Great job on the Stormy Weather piece! That was such a fluent read!!

  2. So much fun with great work it ones if I was in your grade I will love it.