Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week in Review

Teamwork was the word of the week in Room 200. We have embarked on a Social Studies challenge with the objective to get our fiction candidate elected Mayor of KBK. 

We started the unit by learning about what a candidate is and what teams support the candidate. We used a carousel activity to gather questions and to jot ideas.

Once we understood the ideas of the candidate and teams, we started talking about the important jobs that each team has and what it takes to be a member of that team.

From there, after the students had a night to ponder which team would be best for them, the students began to apply for their team of choice. Each student had to list which team they wanted, why they wanted it, and what special skill they would bring to the team.

Once all applications were collected and reviewed, the students were assigned to their teams and nominated a leader of each team. The leader's job is to guide the team through the essential questions that the team needs to focus on. 

Following each team work day, the teams meet to discuss their progress. Here is our team meeting from Friday. This video contains a password because it contains names and faces. The password is in your email.

We also had the opportunity to be role models and spend time with Mrs. Momich's kindergarten class. Both classes had written on similar topics so we decided it would be fun to have our students share their writing. The kindergarteners were so excited to work with big kids and our kids jumped at the chance to be a big kid hero for the day. 

When we returned to the room, we watched a great Kid President video to capture the moment. 

Last but not least, we had an unusual sighting outside our window this week. Our friend J.M. noticed this friendly hawk checking out our school. He stayed on this perch for about 15 minutes. It was an excellent opportunity for us to do some unplanned, authentic learning.  We have even lined up a Skype session with a hawk expert this week! 

Thank you for checking in with us today. We have another great week under our belts. 

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