Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Collaborative Ocean Inquiry Learning

Last week we dove into a new project, Ocean Creature Inquiry Groups.  Based on interest, the students have joined a group to research a specific ocean creature. This style of learning will help us through the research process by allowing us to gather and synthesize our information and discuss it as a group. 

Along with the research process, group collaboration is the big focus. We have discussed that scientist, teachers, police officers and most other professions must work together in groups. We watched a few videos of scientists working as teams and discussed how we could do the same. 

We started our inquiry process by writing down all of our thoughts about our research creature. 

Check out this video from our first session:

Then the students began to code their thoughts. They were to locate questions, wonders, noticings and facts that they already knew. 

Once they built their schema, the students began to research. One of our goals is to gather information using many different types of media. We will focus on our favorite online resource Pebblego, Youtube videos and books about our creature. We are charting this new learning on our information poster. 

Remember, collaboration and teamwork is the underlying focus of this research unit. Check out this video for example of amazing teamwork and knowledge sharing:

As we move forward, we will continue to gather information and then begin the process of synthesizing that information into the most important. From there we will write our research papers.

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