Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week in Review

It was another lovely week in Room 222. We were very productive and checked many items off of our list. 

In all of the math classes, we are learning about solving word problems with addends. One way we are practicing this is by ordering off of a menu. 

Some students have started planning and creating their own menus. 

Here is an example of one of their menus:

The students will use these menus to write and solve their own word problems. 
Challenge: Write your own word problem and leave it as a comment on this blog!

We are also beginning our study of outer space. We have started with the Earth and will move to the Sun and Moon in a few weeks. 

We started with an activity called "drawing through the text". This is where the students draw a picture to match each sentence. These pictures help them remember information and are useful for summarizing. 

Listen to how CG and AC use their pictures to help share their learning with us:

Earth from LBright on Vimeo.

With the information that we have learned, we have begun making educational videos that will inform our audience of our new vocabulary words and all about the Earth.

Here are a few links to check out this week:

Our Kidblog Page has been a great place for us to stay connected! Check out the blog posts about the snowy day here.

Our Math Blog has been updated with our newest unit. Check out our update here.

Thank you for checking in with us. 

Please remember, we celebrate each comment that we receive. 


  1. I will take the menu challenge. On my menu I have my favorite foods! Pizza is $3.00, Ice cream is $2.00, cheese fries are $5.00 and the big soft pretzels are $4.00. If I wanted 1 of each item on my menu how much would that be? It is a challenge question because it is adding 4 things and not 3.

  2. I also need help with figuring out my menu. My favorites are pizza, fries, and ice cream. Pizza is $4.00 per slice, fries are $3.00 per order, and each ice cream cone is worth $2.50. I am putting in the following order: 3 slices of pizza, 2 orders of fries, and 2 ice cream cones. I hope you all can get me a total! Good luck-

  3. I bought two ice creams for $5 each. I also bought one donut for $4. I have $20, How much money do I get back after I pay for what I bought?