Sunday, February 22, 2015

iMovie Experts

Sharing our learning is an essential skill in Room 222. Not only is true comprehension reach by sharing out your learning but all great ideas are influence by another great idea. 

We have been studying the Solar System by focusing on the Earth, Moon and Sun.

Room 222 recently participated in an iMovie challenge within our 6 table teams. The goal was to communicate and teach using the information we had researched on the Earth unit. They were given a time limit of 2 minutes, 30 seconds and were allowed to use any app or tool that would help enhance their presentation. Here are our 6 amazing videos:

We focused this project on the 4C's:
1.Comprehension - I understand the information.
2. Communication - I can share clearly with my audience.
3. Creativity - I kept my the attention of my audience and made it interesting. 
4. Critical Thinking - I thought about the best way to share my learning. 

The groups are teaching us about:
  • Rotation causing Day and Night
  • Revolutions causing Seasons
  • Colors of the Earth
  • Fun Facts
The students did an AMAZING job. It was really fun to watch these during our viewing party on Friday. We hope you like them too. 

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