Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kaneland Writing Night

*Teacher note: This blog post was written by K.K., M.W.B., K.G., A.C. and L.S.

We went to Barnes and Noble for Kaneland's Writing Night to meet authors. 
When we walked in we saw our friends and teachers.
Then we went on to meet many authors. 

One of the authors that we met was Amy Logan. She wrote A Girl with a Cape.
She read the book and some of us even got to raise our hands and talk to her! It made us feel really happy to talk to famous authors.

We also got to see Steven Layne, author of Love the Baby.
We saw more of our friends listening to him as well. He told us a story about his daughter Victoria and her new baby brother. She was not happy about the baby. He also has a few more books about the baby. 

We can't wait for next time so that we can go back and listen to authors again. We also want to get more books. 

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