Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hour of Code in Room 222

The Hour of Code Project was alive and well in Room 222 today. In today's world, computer science is one of the most important topics a student can know about. So today we spent an hour with some amazing apps and sites that will get us thinking about computer coding. 

We started with a great introductory video from

Then we got started. Our first App was Kodable. It looked pretty easy at first but got more challenging as we kept working. This was really fun. 

Then we moved on to Tynker. This is a great 1st try app. The kids loved this one! They helped me figure it out when I got stuck. 

Then we moved on to my favorite, Lightbot. This was also the favorite of the class. I think they like it because it was the most challenging. They really had to work together on this one. 

Check out the collaboration and problem solving from one of our most successful coding partnerships:

Code from LBright on Vimeo.

For the list of apps and sites we use, click here.

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