Monday, October 13, 2014

We know all about fire safety!

*Teacher Note: This blog post was written by all of the members of Room 222. 
We learned about fire safety at the fire safety assembly in the gym. We learned about what firemen do and super cool stuff about firemen and their job.

We started in the Safe House. The fireman talked about the smoke detector. We learned about getting down and feeling the door. The fireman also talked about throwing pillows or stuffed animals out the window to let them know that we are still in the house. 

The safety point is where you go to meet your family if you have an emergency. We practiced that with the fire house too. 

Then we traveled to the learning house. We learned to never have electronics in the bath, never put a candle in your room, always feel the door for heat and you shouldn't sleep with a cigarette (Room 222 says you shouldn't even have them in your house). 

Next up is the Stop, Drop and Roll station. We practiced our stop, drop and roll techniques and made sure to cover our face while practicing. They showed us a fire and how stop, drop and roll works. 911 is the magic number. We can call 911 in any emergency. We realized that knowing our address is VERY important! Do you know your address?

Next we visited the firefighter gear station. We learn that their helmet protects their head and neck, they have an oxygen tank to help them breath and they have a mask that hooks to their oxygen tank. 
Photo taken by E.D. - Labels added by C.G.

Lastly, we explored a fire truck. It had chain saws, lots of wood pieces, fire tools, bright lights, headphones to hear the driver, a safety sled and more oxygen tanks. 

We had a awesomely super time at the fire safety assembly. Thank you for looking at our fire safety blog. We hope you enjoyed reading it. 
Room 222

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  1. Great blog! I had Sophia type a response, but then I needed to sign in and we lost he text. She wants you to know she enjoyed reading it to me and telling me about the assembly. Well done!