Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Few Weeks in Review

It has been a CRAZY few weeks in Room 222! 

We are continuing to document all of our read aloud experiences. Our list is now much longer than one first grader.

We traveled to room 218 for some much needed "wondering" time. Mrs. Olsen borrows artifacts from the Chicago Field Museum each fall to help her 4th graders understand Illinois prairie animals. She loves to have us come in and discuss these animals. 

Check out one of our videos about our wonders:

We also started our journey towards our own blogs. We started the process with paper blogging. Each student designed a paper blog and wrote one article to share with their friends. These articles were about something each students was proud of or enjoyed about school. 
When our blogs were done, we practiced commenting on the blogs of our friends. 

Our paper blogs now hang in the hallway so other students and teachers can view them. Mrs. Olsen's class has been commenting on our blogs too!

Next, we concluded our study of solids with teaching videos based around the solids that each student brought in. Every good teaching video requires great planning.

We will be sharing our videos with you shortly.
Lastly, we had our October Writing Club session on Friday during recess. The writers were joined by a special guest, Mrs. DeGaetano! She wrote with us the whole time!  

This coming week will be another big one. The learning never slows in Room 222!

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  1. So glad to see Mrs. D joined you for your second writing club. Keep up the creative work class!!