Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Shedd Aquarium

It was a long but wonderful day at The Shedd Aquarium.

I am so proud of all of the KME students on their amazing behavior and exceptional learning. It was amazing to walk up to groups of KME students and hear them discussing the characteristics of the creatures they have been studying.

I would like to thank all of the parents who joined us on the trip today and all of the parents who prepped their kids before hand. It was clear that Room 222 was ready to be respectful and responsible citizens.

Here is a quick video clip sharing some of our experience today:

As a team, we wanted to try something new this year to help keep all of our parents informed and entertained at home. We started our own Twitter hashtag (#kmeshedd) to help chronicle our day. We had many parents follow us on our Twitter accounts today and tweet us back!

I would really like to thank the parents and KME staff who signed up for twitter on the bus ride there. It was amazing to have KME parents join KME staff in our sharing of our journey.

Not on Twitter? Don't worry! There are two ways you can check out all of the tweets and pictures from our journey.

My Favorite
2. Tweet Beam - Watch the tweets like a slideshow presentation -

Thank you again to all of the parents of Room 222 for making today a success! 


  1. It was such a great time!!! Thanks so much for all you do!!

  2. MC had such a great time!! He really enjoyed himself. Thank you so much!!!!!

  3. What a fun video!!! PD came home and listed everything he saw and touched. What a great hands-on experience for all these kids and thanks to everyone who contributed.

  4. So glad to see lots of smiling faces! :)

  5. Great video! Looks like everyone had a blast... I know my JA did!! The Shedd Aquarium is an awesome place!

  6. Awesome video! Glad everyone had fun and were all well behaved! Great job 1st graders!