Monday, April 21, 2014

Inquiry Groups Continued...

We are still swimming through our ocean research project. Our Inquiry Group approach is proving to be the perfect fit for our collaborative learners.
(see our first Inquiry Groups post here)

Check out our progress!

The Coelacanth group is using a video to gather more information and then charting it on their research poster. 

The Stingray Group in pouring over a new book hoping to add to their knowledge base.

Today's session was based around finding information in articles. We used a strategy called "Drawing through the Text" to help find and understand the information in our articles. 

Each member of the inquiry group used a different color highlighter to identify his/her sentence. Each group member read their sentence and drew a picture of the information learned. When all group members had collaboratively finished their drawings, they used them to retell the information in their article.

Next up on our list is to synthesize the information from all of our different resources and decide what it all means. 

Room 222 Friends and Family will be able to view pieces of these projects at our McDole Open House on Thursday night! 

The kids can't wait to share their learning. 

See you then!

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