Monday, February 17, 2014

The Earth... and App-Smashing

Definition: App-Smashing - The process of using multiple apps in conjunction with one another to complete a final task or project.

Friday, the students in Room 222 decided to demonstrate their knowledge on the Earth by creating and producing an Earth presentation. The kiddos used their new knowledge on App-Smashing to produce these amazing presentations instead of taking a paper and pencil test.

The students were asked to share their knowledge on the following topics:
1. Orbit
2. Rotation
3. Water vs. Land

Check out what they did:
(Videos with passwords are due to the face that names were used. See the original email for our password)

Gs Mc from LBright on Vimeo.
JA -GF from LBright on Vimeo.
JR AZ from LBright on Vimeo.

The students used Drawing Pad, Pic Collage, iMovie, Screenchomp and Sonicpics for these presentations.
*All presentations were planned, created, edited and produced by the students in Room 222.


  1. All the videos are outstanding! Great job, Room 222!

  2. Your observations are remarkable and your videos are very informative! Thank you for sharing your learning with me!