Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Week in Review

This was a very exciting week in Room 222. We were looking forward to our very 1st Skype session. Before meeting Dr. Burkholder, we made sure we were ready to talk to an expert. We started collaboratively brainstorming some questions using our favorite collaborative site, We then spent a bit of time discussing which questions were appropriate for our experts and which ones might not be right for this particular session. See the full blog post on our experience here.

Speaking of questions... We are talking about questions EVERYWHERE! We are discussing them in reading, writing, math and science. So we spent sometime deciding what makes a deep question and what surface questions sound like. 

We even got to become PD's audience and ask him questions about his current book he is working on.

It was another week of odd and cold weather so we had several days of indoor recess. This is not music to a 1st grade teacher's ears. These kids need to run, play and release energy to help with a productive afternoon. The days in which we have indoor recess are a bit trickier in the afternoon.

Some of our kiddos are trying to get their bodies move by using a yoga app. In this picture, ARH and NS, are demonstrating the "dead bug" pose. You can see the example on their iPad.

We ended our week with some energetic fun at Jump Rope for Heart. It was a great experience for all! As the preliminary numbers come in, it looks like McDole could set a personal best for fundraising and possibly set a new record for the district! Way to go!

Stay tuned for more about this week. Sometimes 4 day weeks are packed with the most learning.

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