Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week in Review and Looking Ahead

November was a fabulous month of learning. 
Here is what we were up to last week:

We had a special guest reader who read a book about sharing. She read smoothly and lead our discussion on the book. Great job R.M.!

We are starting to experiment with Book Review Videos.
Check out E.T.'s amazing video on our Digital Projects page.
Through this process, we are learning how to talk about our books and identifying the audience. We are also learning a new iPad app, iMovie.

Through this process, we also rely heavily on our collaborative buddies. Not only for crucial feedback but also tech support.

During our reading time, many students are choosing the ways in which they choose to share information with me. These two gentlemen are extending their thinking on their book by making and sharing a ScreenChomp presentation.

C.D. shared a great example. He just finished reading a book about items that come in 2's. Here is his list of things that come in 2's:

In our group time, we are also experimenting with different types of text and using them in different ways. This group is finding interesting words in a short story. 

With December already upon us, it is time to kick things into high gear. Here is list of what we will be diving into:
Reading: We will continue experiment with text and text features. We will also start talking about more complex comprehension strategies like visualizing and inferring.

Writing: We will be finishing up our published pieces and preparing for a Publisher's Showcase in which other classes can come and hear our stories. We are also going to really start observing what other authors do in their books. How do they begin their stories? How do they end their stories? How do they convey certain messages to their audience?

Also, look for the blogging to pick up now that we have the basics under control.

Math: In math, we will delve into the world of Fact Families. Please stay tuned for more information via the math blog. McDole Math

Technology: The students will be continuing to experiment with the apps on our iPads. They are in the process of not only becoming experts, but also becoming teachers. The students in Room 222 will be sharing their knowledge of these apps with teachers and other students. 
Here is the classroom app philosophy: Each app must be able to span subject areas and be creatively based.  ScreenChomp, for example, can be used in any subject area as it is a tool used to convey thoughts and ideas.  On the other hand, a math flashcards app would not benefit us necessarily because it only deals in one subject area and is just a substitution for our paper flashcards. We don't gain anything in this instance. 

Science: This month, we will be splitting our time between the study of Rocks (Pebbles, Sand and Silt) and spending time with our wonders. I am excited to start the process of student driven wondering also called Genius Hour. I hope to lay the groundwork in December so that we will be able to fully impliment Genius Hour after Winter Break. Wondering what Genius Hour is? Check out this short video:

We won't be rushing though anything. Slow and steady with win the race this month. We will focus on quality learning and understanding. 

Happy December!


  1. Super excited to see what the kids come up with during Genius Hour :) What a great learning experience!

  2. Love, Love, Love the Genius Hour! Can't wait to hear all about it!