Friday, November 22, 2013

The Writing Process in 1st Grade - Room 222

We have taken our first piece of writing through the entire writing process. Our outcome is 23 truly amazing published pieces of writing.

Here is a glimpse at what the writing process looks like in 1st grade:

Prewriting - Gathering our ideas and talking them through with a buddy. We also call this "turn and talk".

Drafting - This stage is our favorite. We simply start writing our ideas down in our little books.

Revising - When Revising, the students were looking for ways to improve the content of the story for their readers. This was, by far, the most impressive part of the writing process for this group of kiddos. They worked in groups of 4 and took turns sharing suggestions with each other. I was blown away by the level of maturity during this hour.  Check out the videos. You will see what I mean. 

My Movie 13 from LBright on Vimeo.

Editing: With the content of our stories finished, the editing stage was a quick check for capitals, punctuation marks, finger spaces and correctly spelled word wall words.

Publishing: Wait and see how they decided to publish their books! 

More to come after Thanksgiving Break.


  1. These are fantastic! Nice Job!

  2. These are fantastic! Nice Job!

  3. Great work! Love the suggestions they were giving to each other!

  4. What a great job, 1st graders!! Can't wait to see the finished books :)