Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week In Review

Two Words: BIG Week!

We started the week with a bit of a messy science experiment to support our study of solids and liquids. 
We learned to follow a recipe and we made Oobleck. Oobleck is a material that can seem liquid and solid. We had a great time mixing and exploring. We also learned that we are learning to work really well in teams. Our hard work on collaboration is definitely showing. 

In 2nd Grade, the amount of mess equals the amount of fun and we had A LOT of fun!

To continue our science studies, we talked about water proof and water resistant materials. The students were given the task of exploring a list of materials and creating a bridge that could withstand 15 strong squirts of water while supporting 6 wooden blocks. All of our bridges were successful!! 

In a few weeks, we will try this challenge again with a new list of (more challenging) materials. 

KBK 2nd Grade also participated in the Global School Play Day!

The day is organized around the concept that more play is needed in the day for our children. Students, especially young ones, learn valuable social, collaborative, fine and gross motor, and sensory lessons during play. 

So... we let them play - unstructured and unguided. Just kids playing! They had a blast!  

Our next unit of study in writing will be Informational Writing. The students got their feet wet this week and tried out a bit of this type of writing. It was clear from the beginning that they remembered a great deal from 1st Grade and got right to work. 

Our future engineers also explored and observed an alarm clock this week by taking it apart. They were pretty excited to begin identifying and labeling the parts inside. 

We also had an assembly to teach us about simple machines. We learned all about the pulley, lever, and screw. A few of us even got to participate!

 We basically rocked at Jump Rope for Heart!  

Last and certainly not least, we became teachers and mentors to our new Kindergarten friends. We offered our expertise to Mrs. Gilchrist's class as they learned how to use some new apps in the best academic way. The Room 200 students were amazing teachers who stayed focused and insisted on the highest level of learning and personal best from the students they were working with. Mrs. Gilchrist and I were very proud. 

And as always... the spaces in which they choose to do their best learning always makes me giggle. 

Have a great week!

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