Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fire Safety Assembly

This post was written by all of the students in Room 200. 

Photographs were taken by the following class photographers:
  • J.B. 
  • J.M.
  • T.M
  • L.A.
  • A.G
  • L.W.
  • B.B
Welcome to the Fire Learning Stations... a boisterous place to go. Fire Safety is fun because while you are learning you get to do awesome stations. Learn about these station from our writers in Room 200. - by A.G., A.H., C. P., L.A.

The Safety House - By J.M., L.W., N.S., T.L., L.B.
At this station, we practiced evacuating the Safety House. 
We were taking a nap and then the alarm went off. We got to hear the loud fire alarm. We crawled out to the mailbox. That is our safe meeting space. 

Fire Truck Station - by J.G., G.T., Jo.S., B.M., A.B.
In this station, they had a lot of tools that were big and small. The fire truck was big and wide. 
We learned that axes are for cutting open doors. Ladders are for climbing big buildings. Also, the hose is for putting out the fire. Oxygen tanks will help you breathe. It was a great time. 

We also learned about the clothes in the fire truck.  They keep their air tank pack in their seats like backpacks. The also have air masks on the fire trucks. 

video by A.G.

Gear Station - T.M., B.B.

At the gear station we learned about the cool stuff they wear. 
The gear sounds like Darth Vader. It weighs about 75 pounds. The air tank lasts 20-30 minutes. The coat and pants are extremely heavy. They told us that there is a hoodie that goes around your neck, then you put a mask on your head and then you put the hoodie that was around your neck, around your head. There is a black hat that goes on the top of your head. There are axes for a lot of different kinds of things. He taught us about the different kind of things. One of them is for poking holes through the ceiling so the smoke goes through the holes. 

Stop, Drop and Roll by - Ja.S., M.M., B.M., A.C.

In the Stop, Drop and Roll station, we learned the following safety rules. 
  • In an emergency, call 911. 
  • Do not play with matches. 
  • Get down if you smell smoke.
  • Do not go high up. The smoke goes up.
  • Get down in a fire emergency. 

Today, we practiced stop, drop and roll!!! We stopped, covered our eyes and we rolled!!!!
We did this to practice what to do if we got fire on us. 

The Mini-House by J.B. H.V.,V.M., A.J.

Today we saw firefighters. We went to a couple of stations but we are going to be talking about a mini house. Today we learned that at the top of the ceiling there are sprinklers to put the fire out and we also learned to keep the door closed when you are sleeping so the fire stays out. We also learned that we need a fire extinguisher so that we can put out the fire. The extinguisher shoots white stuff and it puts the fire out.  We need a ladder to put out the window so that we can climb out safely. So now we learned to be as safe as we can be. 

We also learned to go as low as we can and to crawl out. Touch the door knob with the back of your hand if you are in a fire. It tells you if the fire is out there. 
At the mini-house we learned about smoke detectors. Smoke detectors let you know if there is smoke and smoke can mean fire. 
Do not smoke inside. If there is a fire call 911. If there is a fire, leave your stuff inside. The fire fighters will get them.

We hope you liked learning about fire safety.

Teacher note:
Immediately following the assembly, the students signed up for a station to collaboratively write about. For 35 straight minutes, they talked, wrote and revised their thoughts before they brought them to me to type into our blog. The level of writing and collaboration was impressive. 
Here is what this looked like from my point of view:


  1. Impressive learning 2B!! I could visualize your experience as though I was there based on your detailed reports. Way to go!!

  2. Wow!! I can't wait to hear all about it when Hailee gets home.

  3. What a fun day room 200! Great discription and pictures. 👍🏻

  4. I really like the ways you talked through everything you learned. I enjoyed the pictures and the video.
    Great job!