Monday, January 19, 2015

Writers, Authors, Experts... Let's Gather at the Carpet

"Writers, Authors, Experts... Let's Gather at the Carpet."

This is how we gather each day in our Writer's Workshop. This workshop is geared towards making us the best writers we can be while learning about different genres of writing. 

In Room 222, we spent the first part of the year becoming storytellers. We told stories about events that happened to us. These are called personal narratives. 

Now, moving on to becoming experts and teachers by focusing our writing on non-fiction pieces that we are calling informational books.  

We started by learning how to plan and organize our thoughts. (Prewriting, Drafting)

Then we had to start thinking like readers. "What questions would readers ask if they were reading my book right now?" (Drafting, Revising)

Then, we talked about twin sentences. Good support uses multiple sentences to inform our reader. We made sure that each page is focused on one part of our topic. Notice that this page is all about the quarterback. There are two similar sentences (twin sentences) to support this part of the topic.

McDole 1st Graders don't just love to write in Writer's Workshop, they also love our Recess Writing Club. Our most recent Writing Club session was held on Wednesday and we had over 20 students participate from 2 classrooms. It was a huge success! We will hold our next session this Wednesday. 

Finally, each day when the students arrive, they "check-in" on our Today's Meet board. They tell us what they are thinking and share something important to them. Check it out:
We tried something new this week. We are hoping to start a new weekly "check-in" and share our Book Selfies. It is a great way for us all to see what we are reading! Check out our Book Selfies:

We had another great week. 
Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Hi room 222! We really liked the information about writing in this blog post. We also learned that the pictures in informational books can teach you. We wrote personal narratives too and we learned about twin sentences. We are wondering when the next writing club session will be? -Room 100