Thursday, November 6, 2014

Room 222's Pumpkin Investigation

Last week, Room 222 collaborated on team inquiry investigations. Each team was given an non-traditional pumpkin and given the week to explore it.
These collaborative teams worked together to brainstorm interesting words, make scientific sketches, estimate and accurately measure their pumpkin. 

All of their information was kept on each teams "data collection" poster. 

The teams reminded each other that scientific sketches should contain accurate details and labels to help our audience understand our thinking. 

Our teams were in charge of collecting measurements for height, weight and circumference. Once the estimations were made by each team member, the accurate measurement began. 

Measuring Height

Measuring Circumference

Measuring Weight
Once all of their observations were made and data was collected, it was time to share out their information. It is important to share our learning with others so they made teaching videos to share out their findings. 

Each team started by storyboarding their video. They discussed scientific vocabulary and correct sequencing needed for an effective video. 

Once the storyboards were finished, it was time to make the movie. However, we couldn't discuss the whole pumpkin without exploring all of it. So... we had to get a bit messy. 

Please enjoy Room 222's educational pumpkin videos:

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  1. Fantastic videos, students! It was great to hear all about your pumpkin reports. As a writing teacher in high school, using detail when describing things is very important. These kinds of lessons are great starters for you! Keep up the video post. We look forward to seeing them!