Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A New Game: Find'ems

Looking for a fun learning game at home?

Look no more! Find'ems is coming home in the backpacks today!

Here is the prep:
1. Cut out all of the letter cards.
2. Cut out the 1st Grade Focus Flash Cards
3. Prepare a clean table top

How to play:
1. Spread the letter cards onto the table top.
2. Flip them all over so that you can not see the letters.

3. Then have everyone place their hands on their heads.
4. One person grabs a Focus Flash Card and reads the word.
5. Then say "go" and everyone frantically starts to flip over the letters until they find what they need to make the word.
6. The first person with the word spelled correctly will stop the game by saying the word out loud.
7. This person gets a point and the games continues in this way.

I hope you have a chance to play this game. Please send pictures of the kids playing. I would love to make a home-to-school connection.

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